One of the many blessings and a key factor to having success in the healing arts is creating healing relationships that evolve over time and are based on empathy, congruence, unconditional positive regard and, well, love, because love is the X factor in any act of healing. I have so many wonderful clients, many I have been working on for decades and new ones entering my life every week. I feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world because of the journey I have been on with these lovely people. I wanted to share some of their generous thoughts on this page.- Chris Kinkade, "LAMassagePro"


"I have chronic back pain and Chris is a true healer!  He is always on time, has an amazing spirit and spends so much time and energy on his massages. I have known Chris for 25+ years.  He has developed his massage techniques to the highest form and is always creating and improving what he does.  He listens to what your issues are and develops his massage around your needs.  There is not a 50 minute limit.  Chris works on you until he feels he has completed what you need. 
I have never had someone work on me that is so in tune with what my muscular system needs and how to relieve the stress and tension from my body.
Chris is a great guy and amazing healer!!"-

Jackie Monkarsh

"Following a car accident two years ago, I suffer with acute pain in my upper spine daily - sometimes the pain is so disabling I have been unable to work. I have tried many forms of treatment and therapy to reduce the injury/pain and have occasionally found temporary relief - but ultimately I still always had some degree of pain and within a few hours the agony would be back. Then I found Chris. After my first session with Chris I was completely pain free for the first time in two years. I repeat - completely pain free. And the days following were like being reborn again. I felt energized, invigorated and joyful. My whole system was running on empty because all my energy had been invested in dealing with pain 24/7. Suddenly, I was completely in tune with my body again and could run, skip and play like I did years ago. Chris is not just a masseuse - he is a total body therapist, using many different forms of massage and physical therapy designed for each of his clients individual needs. He is a total professional and an impeccable gentleman. I highly recommend him and feel sure that with continued treatments I will be able to live my life again to the full. I feel blessed to have found someone with such skills, instinct and talent. Extraordinary and amazing in the true meaning of the words. Thank you Chris-!"-Samantha Robson

"Chris gives a doggone good massage! Every week he comes over and works on my "hooman" and always makes time to work on my aching back. Two paws enthusiastically up!!!"- Opie

"Chris Kinkade has been the massage therapist for myself and my family for well over 10 years. In that time he has proven to be consistent in his talents, impeccable in his professionalism and generous with his spirit.He offers exceptional skills combined with a highly evolved and intuitive aspect to his body work that makes him unique and a valued asset to my well being and to members of my family. I would happily recommend him and do recommend him whenever I have the opportunity. Respectfully,"- Bonnie Rose

"Chris Kinkade is the real deal. He has the uncanny ability to identify what is going on with the body and incredible techniques that he uses to fix you. But his greatest ability is how much he cares, the attention to detail, the lengths he will go to, so that you always, always leave his table feeling better. I've been under a lot of hands, but he is truly the best I've ever seen."                         Nick Cassavetes, Director, writer, legend...

"I have known Chris Kinkade for over 40 years as a friend and fellow musician.  So, it was a significant surprise to have the benefit of his healing powers after being in a car accident several years back.  I was visiting from Seattle and he offered to give me a full-body massage.  His professional demeanor belied his uncanny awareness and sublime healing powers.  I have since been in another accident and have received scores of massages from other therapists in the Seattle area.  I have had the good fortune to avail myself of his healing powers on other occasions when visiting.  Chris is the best massage therapist I have received treatment from.   The experience is thorough, intuitive, considerate, and truly healing.  He has studied numerous schools of massage and it shows.  Dare I say that he is indeed a shaman as much as a professional massage therapist. I am an enthusiastic endorser of Chris Kinkade’s talents."- Rick Knotts-"Elsewaves"

"Over the course of my (seemingly interminable) career as a court reporter, i have had a lot of body work done. Chris is, hands down, the best. He is intuitive and can tell exactly what needs to be done. He is professional, kind, and inspiring to be around. I'm very glad I was fortunate to find him on this site."-Tracey K.

"Chris has been my massage therapist for many years.  Being a “senior”,  and having prior experiences with others in his field, I can tell you that Chris is the very best ever!  I feel so lucky that he came into my life.   Chris seems to know exactly how hard or soft to massage and I always think he can feel what I’m feeling.  Otherwise, how does he know precisely what I need and what makes me feel better?  He not only massages but also does physical therapy stretches on me that have greatly alleviated my severe lower back pain. He is responsive, reliable, kind and comes up my front stairs carrying so many items and tables that Hercules would be a great nickname for him.  He sets up everything so perfectly—the music, the lighting, the creams, the pillows, the hip raisers, the heating and cooling pads, the immaculate sheets and blankets and you-name-it.  If I get a foot cramp, he knows exactly what to do.  When time is up, I can talk about anything with him—especially boxing…There’s only one Chris Kinkade-one of the special treasures to come into my life."
                       Andrea McNichol  

"My wife and I have traveled extensively, and have been to some of the most spectacular spas in the world, including in Bali and many other Asian countries.  I can say, however, without hesitation, that the best massage I have ever had comes from Chris Kinkade right here in Los Angeles.  I have known Chris for almost20 years, and have found in him a level of skill, consistency, and dependability that is unique in his profession.  Chris always tailors his massage to our needs, and makes himself available either in his own studio, or in our home.  Chris has often helped me to recover from sports injuries, but I enjoy his bodywork mostly just to relieve daily stress.   If you are considering a massage from Chris, you can be assured of a wonderful experience at a reasonable price."- Robb Strom

"Chris is really such an incredible find that I'm loathe to let the rest of L.A. know what great touch he gives. He uses an amazing combination of gentle and firm strokes and is quick to identify trouble spots (and offer relief!). He seems to work intuitively -- while I like very firm, strong touch, I have never had to tell Chris to back it off or dial it down. He's good about assessing what's going on with his clients are and doesn't push any further than he needs to. He also doesn't ever rush -- he's hospitable and warm and calming from the minute he opens his door to when we say goodbye. It feels like a little bit of a mini-vacation leaving Chris's place! And my heart (and shoulders) are always lighter for it. Two big thumbs up!-" Terry Sweeney

"Nobody does massage like Chris! So relaxing, so invigorating, such a total bliss experience. He's been helping me for 20 years and my back problems disappeared! He provides everything from the perfect music to the best ambiance and the massage lasts as long as you need it. Totally professional--and he has a knack for knowing just where to apply pressure and how much. A true massage shaman!-"
Donna Costello.

"Chris is a master massage therapist. He really cares about his clients and always asks them if they have any problem areas so he can give them special attention. He is gentle when need be and works deep when needed. The atmosphere in his workplace is serene and relaxing. He also keeps up on new developments in his field. At the end of a session it's like a rebirth. The whole body feels new. He has a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me."- Louise K.- "Thanks Mom!"- CK

"Chris is my massage therapist. I try to see him twice a month. I have been going to him for close to six years. He keeps me anxiety free and healthy. When I first met him, I didn't really go for massages. Then my husband got cancer. Seeing Chris kept me going through the stages of cancer, death, and now healing after the death of a spouse. Having a two hour massage from Chris helped my husband, my children because I was able to have my tensions released. I have been to other therapists, no one comes close to the healing touch of Chris.
He listens to you. He asks you questions about any aches or pains. He will make time for you. He is a caring therapist. "-Jacqueline S

"I've been a furniture designer for many many, years. So I should know a thing or two about massage therapists. Nobody combines the ability to soothe with the savant-like intuition about what it takes to undo a knot, relieve a pinched nerve without surgery (I should know), and generally give you the feeling on a Wednesday night that you just had a relaxing weekend. Chris Saves! Lol"- Greg Rogers

"Chris has been our (husband and me) regular massage therapist for over a year. He is a dedicated and very experienced with a wide skill set of techniques; sensitive; and a great listener so you get exactly what you need. He never hurts you, but knows how to untangle and balance the body. Chris is generous with his time as well as his energy. Highly recommended!"- Blu M.

"I have known Chris for 30 years and during that time i have had hundreds of massages and not only do they never disappoint, they revitalize and revolutionize my body in a way that seems miraculous!
His commitment and care for those he helps, his music and the many tools he has at his disposal make a body relax and evolve in extraordinary ways! I could not recommend him more highly... he is a gentleman and trusted friend as well!"- Woody Harrelson

"I've experienced many massages over the years; some quite remarkable and transformative. Yet, the experience of a healing treatment with Chris Kinkade is like no other. His intuition guides his strong yet gentle hands to ease pain and alleviate stress on the body and mind. Chris has a gift...the gift of a loving heart which translates into unbound healing energy. Gift yourself a restorative session from a Master...a true hearted healer."- Debe A.

"I have known Chris Kinkade for 20  years.  He has always been the utmost professional.  He is a master of his craft and is knowledgeable and talented.  Chris is beyond a masseuse, he is a healer.  Chris is trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend him!"-- Lana T.

"I have known Chris more than twenty years now and have never met a more generous and gentle person. He is studious and is always seeking to improve his breadth of knowledge, culling techniques from around the globe. His sessions are personalized not only to the individual but to what may be needed by the body on any particular day. I could not recommend him enough."- Mark Rosenbluh

"A couple years ago I had some sciatic nerve pain. I asked Chris if there was something he could do. After a two hour session my pain was history. And, it has yet to return. Chris is a true professional. He enjoys what he does. He is very good at what he does. His therapy speaks for itself. Check him out NOW if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain."-
John Lorenz

"I've been going to Chris for over 20 years for massage work. I've been to many spas for massages but no one comes close to Chris. When I've been in serious pain or run down by my work, he has helped me recover, revitalize my body and spirit. I've had problems with my wrists, where it hurts by certain movements I make. Well, Chris has massaged and adjusted my wrists where I have complete recovery of mobility and circulation. How i can explain it, is that whatever he does, releases the toxins and unlocks my wrists and a rush of circulation comes back into that area and my arms.
He is truly a healer and I would suggest him to any newcomer female or male. He's very personable and calming!
Go to Chris and experience a transformation!"
Vanessa Grayson

Chris Kinkade

"Chris is the best massage therapist I have been to in LA. He is punctual, has a fantastic table and really takes the time to deal with things like rotator cuff soreness, etc."- Paul Hanneman

"Chris is a very intuitive and very skilled massage therapist. He instinctively detects what your body needs and has all the tools to do a wonderful job. My experience with him, after many other massages from others, was a whole new experience and my body (and mind) has thanked me for going to him. If I could, I would make a weekly standing session with him, as my health, relaxation and whole outlook benefits."-
Toni K.

"Chris has an amazing gift to not only release tension in your muscles, but to completely "reset" your body.
I first came to Chris with a thrown out back. I didn't realize the extent to which massage therapy could reverse the downward spiral of a an injury and set it on the path toward recovery until I got on Chris' table.
I send anyone and everyone who will listen his way. You will thank me.
Truly a master!-" Kayvon Esmaili-Actor

"Chris Kinkade is a life saver, I was referred to him when I threw my back out in which I couldn’t walk for days and he immediately had me walking again that afternoon. I haven’t had an issue since I've been getting regular massages from him, I highly recommend him!"- Turk Matthews-Producer and star of the amazing "Fade Out Ray."

"Chris is amazing. I walked in a mess, and left a changed man. The massage was transformative. He spent time talking with me to address all of my issues, and came up with solutions using a combination of relaxation and massage techniques that rid me of a sinus headache, along with an aching neck and lower back. My outlook on my day changed. Even my posture had improved. Bravo!"- Alfred G.
October 9, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
Massage Therapy

"He is a beautiful soul with amazing hands. BEST. MASSAGE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!
the end."- Tonya Cornelisse-Actress

"Chris has a terrific touch and delivers an excellent massage. Strongly recommend him!"- Amy D.

"I have been to see Chris on numerous occasions, not just when I am in pain, but to keep my body and muscles performing at their best. Chris will sit down with you at the start of every session and ask you if you are having any issues, or if there is anything you would like him to focus on during this appointment. This assures you get the best results and walk away feeling like a revitalized person. I have been to a few different massage therapists and have found Chris to be the best in the business. I highly recommend him to everyone."- Lise’ M.

" Hi ChrisI  I just want you to know that I am doing really well after our session yesterday.  I am so excited to have found you and I'm looking forward to the continuation of your assistance with my healing!  I have a bit of soreness in the muscle between my neck and right shoulder, but anticipated that. It's just inflammation. Other than that there is no soreness anywhere and I have less overall tension in my whole body! My shoulders have dropped and I don't even have to force them down. I am so relieved! . . . And I'm recognizing that I am not sentenced to be trapped up in my body. I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to continuing our work together. Thank You! Thank You! See you next Sunday!
Cheers!"- Jaclyn

"After having my massage with Chris I felt very relaxed and the aches I had were relieved. Chris is very professional and patient and listens to your needs and feels what your body needs. I highly recommend Chris to others who want a amazing experience in Massage and relaxation."-Christina C.

"Chris Kinkade is a truly gifted and outstanding massage therapist. I have waited a long time to come across a body worker who not only has the knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology that makes me feel safe during a massage, the professionalism that makes me feel secure, and the sensitivity that allows me to fully relax and open to the work, but massage is a passion for Chris and something he just loves to do with his whole being. This combination of qualities is a rare thing to find. I am so glad I waited until I crossed paths with Chris. He is the real deal, and a very good person. I recommend him without any reservations and with all my enthusiasm."--Walter Dominguez

"My session began with a warm greeting by Chris. His professionalism and knowledge came through when describing the type of healing session he was going to perform for me. My session with him was one of the best experiences I have had in healing & massage work. I am very experienced with receiving massage and healing work, yet working with Chris is one I will most notably call in for again and again. It was a 2+-hour session that seemed to fly by. He took gentle care to place warm pads all along my back, after performing deep tissue work on my neck & back that aided in me not experiencing soreness from that type of therapeutic work. His knowledge and intuition allowed for him to locate and work on areas of my body that needed the most attention. I am happy to refer him to friends and family who are in need of a healing massage experience with a very talented healer/therapist."- Stacey Rae


Massage Therapist

"When it comes to relaxation and relief from the pain of stiff and sore joints and muscles, Chris Kinkade is a master at his craft.   He is prompt, prepared, and professional, intuitive and compassionate.Time after time, at the end of a session, your first two thoughts are “when can we schedule another session” and ‘why didn’t I call Chris sooner”.   He is the go-to massage therapist in our book."- Alan R. & Christine M.

"Chris Kinkade is a maestro of massage.  He is a consummate body worker, but he is also a healer.  Whether it is an injury, chronic pain, tight muscles, or you just want to relax, you will be in excellent hands with him. I have had many massages with Chris Kinkade over the years.  As a yoga teacher I need to have bodywork done by someone that really understands the mechanics and functionality of the body, while also being strong enough, but even more importantly, sensitive to, what my body needs for real healing.  Chris Kinkade is all of that and more.  Plus, he plays amazing music."
Diana Lang- author of "Opening to Meditation" as well as Spiritual Teacher & Counselor at LifeWorks Center for Growth in Los Angeles and renowned yoga teacher.