So I was teaching therapeutic massage and esoteric Indonesian body work treatments in Italy around the time that Anthony Bourdain was catching fire with his shows about traveling the world and I thought "Hey, I'm that guy in the healing arts!" So I came up with the concept of "SpaTrek." A show that explores the healing arts all over the world. A world filled with beautiful locations where healing takes place, interesting people who do healing for a living and wonderful modalities that make  people's live better. I saw that there are no shows about healing on TV and it is a billion dollar industry and I thought I was the guy to bring it to the world and share this incredible magic! With my decades long career, my "Hollywood" bona fides (so very important to TV execs who would love for my famous friends to do cameos) and my passion to do this I thought it was a no brainer. I bet the farm on it creating a 2 pilots which I will share here. One is the original idea with me as a solo host ala Bourdain. The other with the incredible Liv von Oelreich who is one of the best there is. I play the harp, she rides a Harley. How could this not be a hit! We got pretty close to selling it a few years ago and I still believe in this show and have the rights to it so if you or anyone you know sees this as something that would be fun to do hit me up!

Chris Kinkade


Massage Therapist