Bryan and Jason from "DREAMPATH Podcast" did a follow up on me and discussed the podcast I did for them and it was so nice I had to share it as well. Just click on this.

The wonderful folks at DREAMPATH  Podcast asked me to do a show with them. I think it turned out really great! Many thanks to Bryan Smith and Jason Moore who let me weave a wonderful episode of stories that I am happy to share. Click on this link:


Massage Therapist

Chris Kinkade

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Guy buys a massage table and a bottle of lotion and cruises through life! A lovely little interview from "Voyage LA" about yours truly.

I have a side hustle; music. I create songs with the incredible Rick Knotts in a project called "Elsewaves." It is eclectic, electric, rock, pop, alternative you name it! Check it out here!!