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A life in the healing arts

Skills include but are not limited to: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural Postural Re-intergration, Thai on the Table, Pre-Natal Massage, Craniosacral Unwinding, Body/Mind balancing, Reflexology & fusions of any of the above customized to fit your specific needs.  I bring a heavy duty Custom Crafworks  Omni table that is super plush with removable breast pads for women, an amazing selection of music played on a portable Bose stereo system, salt lamps (yup, I bring'em) and the most incredible massage products on the market. Basically, your house becomes the best spa in town!

my story


Massage Therapist

I started working as a massage therapist in Hollywood in the late 1980's. I began by working on some of the biggest films sets in town working on cast, crew and production personnel. My client base and reputation grew steadily from there and many of those same clients are still on my table regularly to this day. I have been fortunate to have been taught and inspired by some really great teachers who came along at just the right time. I do integrated body work sessions that include an ever evolving skill set. I have done tens of thousands of sessions on people from all walks of life and have taught internationally.  I approach body work like an art form. Each person brings something totally unique to the table. The more I work on people the more colorful the palette I have to draw from in terms of what I can do to facilitate the ultimate transformational experience. I learn from them, I learn from life, the world is teaching us on many levels every day. I am someone who loves what I do.

CAMTC Certtification # 17343    ABMP ID #936937

Chris Kinkade


The Benefits of massage increase your ability to lead a full and healthy life by eliminating stress, increasing circulation, removing toxins and improving your immune system and overall health.

Massage School Of Santa Monica 150 Hour Program-1991
Radical Therapy Center-Advanced 400 Hours Program (Postural & Structural Re-Integration, advanced body/mind work) 1992-1994 CranioSacral I-Upledger Institute-1999

Advanced Neck & Back-Erik Lee, DC-MSSM

Thai I & Thai On The Table-Elyse Briggs-MSSM

Manual Lymphatic Drainage-MSSM
"Bones In Motion"-Steve Cohen-MSSM

Energetic Healing-MSSM
Advanced Pro Skills Intensive-MSSM

Pain Managment-Oleg Bouimer-MSSM

Medical Massage,- Oleg Bouimer-IPPT