I specialize in transformational therapeutic sessions & my rates to come to you are $225 for 90-100  minutes and $250 for two hours, I do charge a little more for any distance over 3 miles (or "over the hill" as we like to say here in LA where sometimes it can take an hour to go 7 miles) or any late night hours (this is Hollywood after all and sometimes people don't get off the set until very late at night)  but I can work with you depending on your needs or budget. If there are 3 or more people I can work out an hourly rate depending on the number of people, the hours needed and the distance involved. I can charge less if you come to me and I have a flexible sliding scale so I can make myself affordable to people from all walks of life. When I do out call I bring a LOT of stuff, best table you have ever been on (CustomCraftworks Omni table with breast recess area for females and leg extension for those over 6 ft 5), incredible healing music on Bose sound system, top quality products turning your place into a healing sanctuary. If you desire a 60 minute session I am happy to do 60 minutes sessions at my location or within 3 miles of it upon special request. I will say that 95% of what I do are 100 minute or 2 hour sessions where you are really able to experience something profound in terms breathing and energetic transformation due to the time invested in it.

Available by appointment. I can come to you or you can come to me. My hours are flexible to meet the varied needs of my clients. Just let me know what day & time you need a session and let's find a way to make it work for you.

call or text me @818-521-4856

Land line is 818-566-7077


Chris Kinkade


Massage Therapist