Chris Kinkade


Massage Therapist


I cut my teeth doing on site massage in Hollywood in the late 80's. I did massage on some of the biggest film sets of the day and it was a blast and I still see a lot of those clients decades later. Although my private practice has been the whole of my focus for the last 30 years I recently have been asked to do several "on site" gigs and was reminded about how much fun it was to do and thought I would go all in and offer it to anyone who is interested in treating their employers, friends, family reunion group, sporting event or bridal party members,  to a highly evolved 15-20 minute per person (or longer on request) healing, therapeutic massage session in whatever setting you choose. I bring top quality products, create an ambient setting with nice music and get busy.  I have found I really loving this kind of work and employers and employees like it too. When you are happy and taking a break from the stress of work and life your body heals, rejuvenates, and you observe yourself balancing energetically and becoming healthier in body mind and spirit.  Happy appreciated employees are the best kind to have. Let me help you show your gratitude and generosity.

Contact me for rates as they vary by how many hours needed and distance to the location.